Westify LogoWest Coast Swing dancing every Saturday night. We'll be spinning dance tunes from a variety of genres including Blues, R&B, Hip-Hop, etc. Lessons at 8PM. Dancing 9-12. Westify is currently looking for a permanent location. Always check the location before coming.
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You Can Make A Difference 

More people will dance if they know it's available and people will end up in the place that suits them best, so please help build the dance community here in Utah by contributing information about Lessons, Venues, Organizations, Instructors and Events.

Two ways to contribute:

  1. Use the "Contact" form to suggest information. (Top Navigation bar)
  2. Sign up for an account and request authoring privileges with the contact form. Authors will see a link under "Your Input" labeled "Submit Article".

Needed information: 

  1. Name (of Venue, Event, Instructor, etc.)
  2. Address (Street, City and even Zip if you can) 
  3. When (Every Wednesday from 9pm-12am. Lessons 8-9pm)
  4. Website (Such as http://www.DanceUtah.info)
  5. Details (This is where you tell everyone all about it!)
  6. Short Description (This will help get info on the calendar and search engines)
  7. Email Address
  8. Phone Number

Corrections Welcome

Content is being submitted continually and will need to be organized before being linked. However, some of this content has been published and can be found using the search box. 

  1. Check the Weekly & Event calendars for correct information.
  2. Search for content from the search field at the top of the page before suggesting to avoid duplicate effort.
  3. Mark corrections with the tag "Correction:" (Correction: When: Wednesdays from 8:30pm-12:30am).

All information is subject to verification, editing and modification to meet the style guidlines of this web site.