Westify LogoWest Coast Swing dancing every Saturday night. We'll be spinning dance tunes from a variety of genres including Blues, R&B, Hip-Hop, etc. Lessons at 8PM. Dancing 9-12. Westify is currently looking for a permanent location. Always check the location before coming.

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West Coast Swing

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Lessons - West Coast Swing

Special 6-Week Level 2 Routine Class

Want to put your WCS skills to use while getting comfortable with movement and music? This 6-week course will teach you a routine that you can execute with other members of the class and will help you improve your social dancing by increasing your repertoire. This class is scheduled to run Sept. 17th thru Oct. 22nd, 2011 every Saturday from 8-9pm.

Level 2 Routine Class
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Designed to help you progress

There are 2 reasons why we have no choice but to add another class to the Progressive Lessons at Westify.  First, we are running out of space because of the great support and second, we have more learning demands than we can accommodate with only two classes.  These 4-week sessions or weekly drop-ins represent our best effort to match your commitment to become a better dancer:

Group WCS Classes

  • Level 1 (West Coast Swing Primer Series) - This series is geared for those just starting WCS.  It introduces you to the basic patterns and essential techniques of West Coast Swing. At the end of the series you will have the tools and skills to succeed on the social dance floor, and prepare you for upper level concepts. Taking the course 2-3 times will help ground your fundamentals for better dancing.

  • Level 2 (Technical Foundational Series) - Geared for those ready to get serious about WCS.  You will receive the tools and techniques needed to take your dancing to the next level.  After you’ve mastered your 6 and 8 count patterns, this class will give you a better understanding of the dance and build your repertoire. The class will use patterns to demonstrate more advanced theories and technique. Each month there will be a different theme that the class will be focusing on, topics in the class include musicality, partnering skills, how to vary your basics, and much more. Pre-requisite – 1) Must know and dance level 1 basic patterns with proper timing 2) Instructor approval.

  • Level 3 (Core Refinement Series) - This class is for the experienced dancer now ready to learn different philosophies, refine your technique, and to start adding "play" to your dance. You must have instructor's approval to attend this class.  We encourage those attending this class at 7 p.m. to stay for the 8:00 classes as well at no additional cost.  This is a great way to freshen up on your basics, as well as help those in the class that are learning.  The dance will then start at 9:00

We want everyone to be able to progress through these classes and we are doing our best to accommodate everyone.  We have amazing instructors who put a lot of time into their lessons so that everyone can progress.  There is nowhere else in the country that you can get this kind of instruction for only $3 to $5 per lesson.  Thank you to everyone who has been attending the classes!


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Lessons - West Coast Swing

Free West Coast Swing Lessons, Thursdays located on the West Side in Herriman, UT

7 pm WCS 101/Foundational/Junior's Class, 8 pm Intermediate/Advanced Class


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Lessons - West Coast Swing

For Followers Only Four-week Dance Classes

With SHALAY BRANCH offering two different classes

Level I Intensive: "Body Movement technique"

We will be learning the correct "movement technique" for dancing, partnering and  connection needed for WCS, drills and exercises for WCS, body isolations and turn technique.

**Pre-requisite before entering Course 2, to be able to execute what you learn in Course 2 you have to have the proper technique first.

Level II Intensive: "Embellishing your WCS"

You will be getting tips for styling up your WCS, Musicality, Phrasing to WCS and you will learn a lot of syncopations to incorporate into your dance (without hijacking ladies)!! 

**Every time I run this course the syllabus changes, so that you can continue to explore and learn.  Last time our embellishments focused a lot on our Width and Rotation in our dance, next time we will be working a lot with our height and length.


One hour each week for four weeks,  If you are interesting in scheduling a ladies class please contact me. The space will be limited to only six women, it is a group private lesson that makes it very affordable for any one!!

The cost is $50 for the 4 week session

If interested contact Shalay Branch at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 801-850-6535

At the end of each course you can each record me doing a brief synopsis of the classes (may not be shared with others outside of the class)

Other Classes available:

 Now offering Progressive Lessons at Westify (Ballroom Utah Studio 3030 South Main) every Saturday night at 8:00 p.m. Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 WCS instruction. For further information please contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

I am also available for Private or Group Lesson Instruction. Please contact me to schedule yours.

I am Currently putting together 6 Week Intensives that will begin after the holidays in Utah County.  Each course will run for 6 weeks, and then have a month off before the next course begins.  It will be done in a progressive series so you can progress with your West Coast Swing at a much quicker pace.  You will be learning all of the technique and skills needed for your West Coast Swing.  If you are interested in this class please contact me.

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Lessons - West Coast Swing

Lesson And Dance

By "Auntie Pam"