Westify LogoWest Coast Swing dancing every Saturday night. We'll be spinning dance tunes from a variety of genres including Blues, R&B, Hip-Hop, etc. Lessons at 8PM. Dancing 9-12. Westify is currently looking for a permanent location. Always check the location before coming.

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Utah has excellent teachers that offer private lessons. Private lessons provide the quickest results allowing you to get the specific help you need. You can get so much help and information in a private lesson that you should give yourself time to digest and implement it by practicing at home, in group lessons and even on the dance floor.

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Instructors - Country Instructors


Kirk and Aimee Gamble are Utah’s top country dance competitors and instructors. Kirk and Aimee specialize in couples dancing and currently they travel the United States competing, teaching, and learning the hottest dance moves and techniques in the UCWDC dance circuit. Kirk has been dancing and teaching for over 20 years training with some of the top instructors this dancesport has to offer. Aimee shares Kirk’s love for dancing and has quickly learned and excelled her dancing to become one of Utah’s top female dancers and instructors.

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Instructors - West Coast Swing Instructors

Kim Leung

Kim found his love for dance in high school when a social dance class was offered his sophomore year, dancing the cha-cha, waltz and other ballroom dances.  The neo-swing movement of the late 90’s also brought a love for the high-energy excitement of Lindy Hop Swing.  But a new movement in the Utah swing scene led Kim to “crossover” into something new and exciting.

A dance of endless possibilities, Kim was introduced to West Coast Swing in 2004 and has loved the dynamics and versatility of the dance.  Kim started sharing his love for West Coast Swing in 2008 teaching at the local venue.  The passion continued as Kim took his 15 years of music training to the DJ booth.  The combination of dancing, teaching, and DJ’ing makes Kim one of Utah’s rising stars in West Coast Swing.

Kim continues to teach, DJ, and promote West Coast Swing in Utah.  He can also be found traveling across the country, learning from the champions of West Coast Swing, and competing on the national circuit. For more information or to schedule a private lesson, visit www.westiekim.com or send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


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Instructors - West Coast Swing Instructors

Shalay Branch started dancing and competing 14 years ago and soon after started teaching. She is currently a wife and a mother of four, and enjoys sharing her passion for dance with others. She currently travels to NASDE events in her spare time. West-Coast Swing became her passion from the beginning, and she brings a unique style to our Utah community.  She trains with the top female and male dancers around the country, so that she can stay up on the latest style and technique. She is one of the top female dancers here in Utah, who cares about the dance, cares about the people, and is an avid social dancer.  She currently teaches private lessons in the Salt Lake area as well as in Spanish Fork out of her home. So please contact Shalay at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to schedule yours.

She also currently teaches two ladies only courses in both locations, the first course is a 4 week intensive working a lot with the connection needed for WCS, drills and exercises for WCS, body isolations and turn technique. The level two class focuses on"Embelishing your Dance", arm styling, footwork, Musicality and phrasing to WCS. Space is very limited, for any further information regarding lessons or classes please contact Shalay Branch at 801-850-6535 or at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or check out the more detailed information on this web-site as well, under "Classes with Shalay Branch" article.

 Watch for my Couples dance courses that I will soon be starting, if interested let me know!!

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Instructors - Blues Instructors

Virgil has been dancing since fall of 98.  He's done ballroom, ballet, modern, tap, jazz, hip-hop, African, lindy-hop and blues.  He has danced on ballroom teams at Ricks College and UVSC where he competed twice at the Blackpool championships.  He also danced on Synergy, The modern dance company at UVSC.  His dancing has mostly been centered around lindy-hop and blues.   He's traveled the country attending lindy and blues events, and has danced in England, France, and New Zealand.  He has been teaching for 8 years with a variety of partners.  He teaches both lindy and blues focusing on connection and partnering.  

Emily has been dancing for over 10 years. Her interest in social dancing began in high school when she would sneak into Bricks Night Club with her friends on Swing Night. She started with East Coast Swing, then turned to Lindy and Blues.Since high school, she's danced on teams such as the USU Performing Swing Team (2003–2004) and the Salt Lake Jitterbugs (2006–2009). She was with the Jitterbugs in 2006, when they took 2nd place in the team division at Camp Hollywood in L.A. She has traveled nationally for workshops and competitions.

She currently teaches Lindy and Blues. She often helps teach the beginning lessons at the Downtown Stomp and BlueTango. She strongly focuses on connection, movement and musicality. Other dance experience includes modern, jazz, hip hop and tap.

For private/group lessons or workshops contact Virgil or Emily at:
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Virgil (801) 787-3231
Emily (801) 814-4746